•Equine Sports Massage

•Red Light Therapy

•Equine Reconnection ® 

•Craniosacral Therapy

We use combination of therapies depending on the issues the horse is experiencing.

While we strongly believe in the effectiveness of hands-on Sports Massage and Stress Point Therapy, which has proven to bring most effective changes and vasodilation to the muscle, we also recognise the importance of a comprehensive approach. 

We always pay attention to each horse's actions and comfort levels and  can quickly apply a different technique, if one is not well tolerated, and use a gentler method, such as LLLT or other methods such Craniosacral or Energy based modalities.

Sports Massage technique and Team Approach: 

We specialise in manually releasing muscle spasms throughout the horses body.

Sports Massage technique involves application of direct pressure, compression and cross fibre friction. We focus on releasing muscle spasms manually throughout the horse’s body with techniques applied to different depths of the tissue.
We believe that working as a team is the most effective and enjoyable way for the horse. Whilst one massage therapist addresses the entire horse, the other can then focus more intently on specific problem areas. We will always work on the entire horse and not only on the problem areas due to the muscles being interconnected.

Following each session, we provide detailed report outlining of our massage work, identifying your horse's problem areas and our recommendation for ongoing care and maintanance.