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Avantage Equine Massage Therapy

We are certified, registered and internationally insured Equine Massage team based in Perth WA. Our main focus is on manual Deep Tissue Sports Massage and Stress Point Therapy to achieve lasting results for your horse. Areas serviced: Australia wide.

Providing services to reach the highest potential in every horse.

We are dedicated to enhance the quality of life and performance for every horse from race performers, competition and pleasure mounts to convalescing and aged horses.

The journey started in human massage however after seeing the positive impact that massage can have on horses we completed
our qualifications in Equine Sports Massage.
With many years of experience in horses and passion for their health and wellbeing, we would love to help your horses to achieve their best and improve their demeanour, movement and muscles.

We pride on good quality workmanship, witnessing the results and 
customer satisfaction.

Anne & Patrick

Sports Massage

Horse massage aims to maximise the horse's physical and mental capacity. Massage should be used, as much as possible, as a preventative treatment, because healthy tissues can withstand more stress and prevent injuries. We use manual “hands on” Equine Sports Massage and Stress Point Therapy techniques. The best proven method to prevent muscle and tendon injuries is by physical manipulation to treat and separate the adhesions, before the compromised part of the muscle fibres affect the connected muscles, tendons and the whole chain of movement. Massage can also be used as after-care for injuries. The purpose is to make an injury or compromised part of muscle to work as intended and increase the elasticity of the tissue.

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Red Light Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT or Photonic Therapy) is a non-invasive form of light therapy. Photonic therapy uses light to reduce pain, swelling and to help with tissue repair and regeneration. We use Theralux® Touch 904nm 3R professional performance laser to speed up healing, relieve pain, and to enhance the efficiency of muscle care.

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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate of your chosen amount and service. Single treatment or an annual treatment plans available.

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Avantage Equine Massage
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Avantage Equine Massage

•Equine Sports Massage

•Red Light Therapy

•Equine Reconnection ® 

•Craniosacral Therapy

We use combination of therapies depending on the issues the horse is experiencing.

While we strongly believe in the effectiveness of hands-on Sports Massage and Stress Point Therapy, which has proven to bring most effective changes and vasodilation to the muscle, we also recognise the importance of a comprehensive approach. 

We always pay attention to each horse's actions and comfort levels and  can quickly apply a different technique, if one is not well tolerated, and use a gentler method, such as LLLT or other methods such Craniosacral or Energy based modalities.

Sports Massage technique and Team Approach: 

We specialise in manually releasing muscle spasms throughout the horses body.

Sports Massage technique involves application of direct pressure, compression and cross fibre friction. We focus on releasing muscle spasms manually throughout the horse’s body with techniques applied to different depths of the tissue.
We believe that working as a team is the most effective and enjoyable way for the horse. Whilst one massage therapist addresses the entire horse, the other can then focus more intently on specific problem areas. We will always work on the entire horse and not only on the problem areas due to the muscles being interconnected.

Following each session, we provide detailed report outlining of our massage work, identifying your horse's problem areas and our recommendation for ongoing care and maintanance.


We are fully insured with comprehensive coverage that extend internationally.


We are professionally qualified to provide quality equine massage therapy services. Our expertise is backed by reputable certifications in the field.

Committed to Education

We are in continuous professional development by having ongoing education though reputable schools and instructors.


Endorsed by our highly respected teachers.


Visible effective results in both competition and general maintenance.



We believe that even after first massage session you should already be able to witness some visible transformative results.
Visible Postural Changes:
improvements in your horse's posture, reflecting enhanced muscular balance and alignment due to releasing incorrect patterns.
Improved Range of Movement:
Your horse may indicate increased flexibility and suppleness in muscles, tendons and joints.
Reduction of Pain:
Effective massage may help reduce pain and promote horse's overall comfort and well-being.
After the massage the horses will likely exhibit a state of deep relaxation and should be left to rest to allow the post massage effects take place.
Neural Pathway Rewiring:
After the massage your horse may have difficulty "finding their feet" which is a result of neural pathways rewiring. This normally happens if horse has been compensating the movement with incorrect muscle and hasn't yet found a new way of going.
Post Massage Effects:
The benefits of our massage therapy will continue to unfold over next few days. Your horse may initially appear sore as their body adjusts, especially if the compensatory muscles have been used for long time.
Note: After the massage the horses muscles will be very relaxed and will need to rest from riding/ etc. apart from in hand work for approx. 24-48 hours.
After the therapy session, you should be able to witness more range of movement, better posture, reduced soreness/ pain, more relaxed demeanour and relieve from pain and restriction.
In long term, successful therapy can lead to changes in muscle tone and eventually improved posture and range of motion in a previously restricted areas.

However, to reach better results it may take a few sessions depending on the problem experienced. Please note that if the horse is not responding to manual therapy after multiple sessions, it is important to contact your Vet because the underlying problems may not be muscle related.


  • Resolving muscles spasms and pain which will result to better function of tendons and joint mobility.
  • Speeding recovery: accelerates recovery after competition, injury and illness and generating general wellbeing.
  • DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) increasing oxygen and nutrients to help assist damaged cells after competition, injury and illness and generating general wellbeing.
  • Scar tissue and adhesion alleviation.
  • Aids Nutrient, oxygen and blood flow. Lymphatic drainage and excess fluid flow.
  • Resolving muscle and pain related behaviour problems.
  • Reduction of emotional stress due to pain relief and accessing para sympathetic nervous system to lower cortisol concentration.
  • Free movement due reduction of discomfort and past injuries.
  • Improved coat quality due to nutrient circulation and increased sebaceous gland secretion.
  • Identifies tension and pain areas early when used as a preventative treatment.
Some further research:

Hind Limb Protraction
Stress Reduction
Stress and Cortisol
Heart Rate and Performance Study


Pre and Post-Competition/Exercise Massage:
Massage helps to invigorate and warm up muscles  increasing circulation, elasticity and movement while preventing injuries.
After events; it aids in recovery, lactic acid build-up, DOMS, prevents injuries by more allowing more muscle elasticity to protect from tendon injuries and promotes relaxation.

Remedial Massage for Movement Dysfunction:
Corrects compromised muscle tissue adhesions and allows for unrestricted movement and improved balance.

Chronic Problems :
Conformation and/or compensation pattern defaults, age related stiffness, limited joint mobility, arthritis, past chronic injuries or scarring.

Regular massage ensures more pliable muscles to protects from tendon injuries, as well as early identification of problems, tension and pain areas.

Understading the purpose and timing of equine massage ensures optimal performance, recovery and well-being for your horse.

Every horse, regardless of the discipline is an athlete and requires muscle care. Even the paddock horses are susceptible to injures, slips, kicks and muscle tears during their play. Active competing horses particularly benefit from regular muscle care to perform at optimum level.
We recommend massage as a preventive maintenance for all horses. Proactively treating muscles to remain elastic helps prevent more severe issues such as tendon problems and tears occurring and is therefore more cost-effective in the long run.
Muscles are interconnected, meaning that a small change in one area or a muscle spasm will have an effect and can create a chain reaction, leading to restricted movement and compensatory patterns.

The obvious signs indicating that the horse may benefit from a massage include: 

  • Pain face/ body stance
  • Irritability when touched
  • Reluctance 
  • Bucking and biting
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Tension, pain and weakness 
  • Lacking forward impulsion
  • Struggling to engage hind limbs
  • Stiffness and restriction

If the horse exhibits significant lameness, it is important to contact your Vet first for a diagnosis. As horse massage therapist, we cannot diagnostic assessments for your horse.
However, we are dedicated to work together with your vet to determine the best action for your horses well-being.
However, through our approach to the entire horse at every massage, and not only the problem area, we can often find and narrow down the areas that have a problem and provide a detailed sheet to indicate them to you and your vet.


Prior to your horse's massage, please inform us of any concerns, diagnosis, medications and injection as or operations that the horse has undergone.
We kindly request your horse should be dry and reasonably clean to avoid friction irritance on skin during the massage therapy.
We are looking forward to helping you achieve the best with your horse.
  • WA, Australia
  • ETAA (Equine Therapies Association of Australia) Registered Therapists