Sports Massage

Regular massage restores and maintains the performance of your horse. Muscle knots due to various causes (for example overworking, lack of workup/ cold down, lack of oxygen in tissue) causes pain and edema which in turn affects the way the animal uses its muscles. Tense and shortened muscle can not relax itself, so the tension remains permanent and the entire muscle elasticity suffers. This tensions can only be resolved with hands on separating  fibres of the affected spastic tissue by massage.

If the issue is not resolved the horses movement becomes shorter and stiffer. Which results in a spiral of problems. The next muscle group is burdened and so forth eventually the problem moves far from the original, even up to the tendons.

Long term improvements can result in correct muscle development, pain relief, increased range of motion, leading to better overall mood and enhanced performance.

Equine Massage is not a substitute for veterinary care nor a diagnostic. Always consult your veterinarian when you feel your horse has a further problem that doesn't respond to treatment.